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Family Business since 1966

Early Beginnings

The Adshead family business in Thornton goes back four decades to the 24th of October 1966. Back then the Four Lane Ends Garage offered a "Grease and Spray for 7/6", petrol refills was a mere 3s 6d a gallon and a new tyre for your car would have set you back just £4. Don Adshead started the garage and soon went on to become a familiar name to local residents, being a well-known and trusted place to get your car serviced or tank refilled. The years passed and 1996 was a benchmark in our history as it saw our family mark three decades of successful business.

As with all things, though, the Adshead business would go through a period of transition. This happened in 1998 when the workshop side of the business was sold to Michael Wilson, whose company Mobiltune was well known for their excellent service in all aspects of vehicle maintenance and repair.

Here and Now

Fast forward a decade or so and Jonathan Adshead, son of Don the original founder of Four Lane Ends Garage, returns to the place where it all started so long ago. This time in the form of a reliable and friendly supplier of cars and vans. Even though, for a time, the Adshead family seemed to be missing from the garage they were still busy in the car and van supply business but his time from Poplar Garage in Woodplumpton before making the move back. Slowly building up a vast reservoir of knowledge and experience now you couldn't hope to find a better equipped supplier of vehicles.

Jonathan brings back to the car industry the good old-fashioned values of honesty, trust-worthiness and transparency. Customers are not just seen as one time visitors but rather, as individuals who, over time, become good friends. Emily is just one such example; she bought her previous car from Four Lands End Garage over twenty years ago. Recently Emily traded it in for a reliable, new Toyota from the very same business she visited almost two decades previously from Jonathan's dad, Don. It'd be nice to think that she'll return in another twenty years for her next upgrade, the only problem is that would make her 104!

On Into the Future

What does the future bring for the Adshead family? Only time will tell but one thing we can say for certain is that we'll continue supplying good quality advice and cars to our customers for as long as we can.